Welcome to the Environment and Climate Caucus of the Washington State Democrats

Our mission is to assure that environmental issues, and in particular climate disruption, is addressed in policies, platform positions, resolutions and endorsements of the Democratic Party of Washington State.

This caucus seeks to take every opportunity to join with community groups and media outlets to increase awareness of environmental issues, including their link to social justice issues that face our world today.

ECC Calls on DNC to Reinstate Ban on Fossil Fuel Donations

The following Washington State Democratic Central Committee Members have joined the ECC in calling on the DNC to reinstate the fossil fuel corporate PAC money ban. (If you are a WSDCC Member and would like to add your name, please fill out this form.)

Learner Limbach, San Juan County
Amy Madden, 43rd Legislative District
Joshua Trupin, 5th Legislative District
Steve Verhey, 13th  Legislative District
Shaun Olsen, 21st Legislative District
Angie Homola, Island County
Jason Call, Snohomish County
Mathew Tomaskin, 14th Legislative District
Darlene Miller, 44th Legislative District
Georgia Davenport, 33rd Legislative District
Kate Moran, Benton County
Joanne Fleming, 3rd Legislative District
Edward Duhaime, Spokane County
Keoki Kauanoe, 22nd Legislative District
Brian Gunn, King County
Eric Herde, Pierce County
Diane Sandrowski, Pierce County
Gary Barton, 28th Legislative District
Paul Spencer, Skamania County
Everett Maroon, 16th Legislative District
Susan Soto Palmer, Yakima County
Michael Quick, Pend Oreille
Gina Bua, 25th Legislative District
Melissa Dunbar, 29th Legislative District
Linda Tosti-Lane, 1st Legislative District

Become a Member of ECC!

If you would like to become a voting member of the Caucus, please join us at least 30 days before a state meeting. Membership dues for one year are $20.00, or whatever you can afford. Please contact us via email anytime, and we will send you information on how to join.