Environment and Climate Caucus First Meeting

The first meeting of the Environment and Climate Caucus was held in West Seattle, September 9, 2017. The meeting was well attended (more than 55 people) and the ECC rules were suspended to allow participation of all new members. Thanks to everyone who came, with such high attendance there is clearly lots of support for this area.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers:

  • Steve Verhey (13th), Chair
  • Arvia Morris
    Western Washington Vice Chair
  • Mathew Tomaskin (14th), Eastern Washington Vice Chair (not pictured)
  • Becky Chaney (5th), Secretary
  • John Stafford (37th), Treasurer
  • Teresa Catford (32nd), Technology Officer
  • Ann Udaloy (46th), Membership Chair
  • Amy Madden (43rd), At Large Pos. 1.

The ECC passed four resolutions that were then considered by the WSDCC members on Sunday. These included:

Thank you ECC members present and voting! Thank you State Committee Members!



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