Driving into the Future: Pre-Convention Webinar on Electric Vehicles

On June 11, 2018, ECC sponsored a pre-convention webinar presented by Jeremy Erdman (LD43): Driving into the Future: Why Electric, and Why Now

This webinar covered why electric vehicles have roared back into the public discourse as a way to combat climate change. Switching to electric vehicles offers multiple environmental, social, and economic benefits to Washington state, and this webinar explained why we are well-suited to capitalize on these advantages.

After his presentation, Jeremy was joined in the question and answer discussion by Cigdem Capan (LD8) and Dean Fournier (LD32).

For more background on the topic, we invite you to view the RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF A STATEWIDE TRANSITION TO ELECTRIC-POWERED MOTOR VEHICLES BEGINNING IN 2030 submitted by the 32nd LD Democrats for consideration at the 2018 Convention. 

Missed the Event? We’ve got you covered!

Download the presentation slides here. View the presentation here.  

Listen to the interactive question and answer session here:


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