Candidates! Request ECC Endorsement for Primary Season

Thank you for your interest in receiving the endorsement of the Environment and Climate Caucus of the Washington State Democratic Party (ECC)!  ECC may make endorsements of candidates or take positions on ballot proposals within the applicable rules of the WSDCC and DNC. Only candidates running for statewide, congressional, or state legislative office will be considered. Additionally, state wide ballot measures will be considered.

June 19, 2018 is the deadline for endorsement requests for the Primary Voting Period. (August 21, 2018 is the deadline for the General Voting Period.)

Voting occurs electronically and the Voting Period takes place over one week. Two Voting Periods will be held: one starting the first Tuesday of July and one starting the first Tuesday of September (July 3 – 9, 2018 and September 4 – 10, 2018). Endorsement results will be announced at the completion of the Voting Period, which will finish a week after the start of the Voting Period.

For a complete summary, please visit our Endorsement Rules of the ECC webpage for application requirements. Briefly:

  • Include your name and the office you’re running for as they will appear on the ballot.
  • Include a statement confirming that you are a Democrat.
  • Include a one page statement outlining the candidate’s environment and climate positions and proposals. Candidates will read the ECC Compendium of Resolutions and agree to them or indicate why they disagree with all or portions of resolutions as appropriate. This statement will be shared with ECC members.
  • Requests must be emailed to the ECC Chair and copied to the Secretary and Technology Chair. The subject line should begin “ECC Endorsement Request”.

Download the full Endorsement Rules of the ECC (pdf).





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