Off to the General! Candidates Invited to Seek ECC Endorsement

Candidates are invited to seek the endorsement of the Environment and Climate Caucus (ECC). Founded in 2017, the ECC is the largest, fastest growing, and most active caucus associated with the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. Through research, education, outreach and collaboration, ECC advocates for legislation and policy that protects the environment and supports effective responses to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  We work with a diverse community of stakeholders including other WSDCC caucuses.

For Candidates:

In order for the ECC members to consider your endorsement, we request information about your campaign and position on efforts to protect and preserve the environment, and to halt and reverse the damaging effects of climate change.  Please download and complete our questionnaire. Your responses will be shared with the ECC Executive Board (E-Board) and the ECC Voting Members.  If you have already been endorsed by the ECC during the Primary Election, that endorsement will stand for the General Election.  Completed questionnaires must be emailed by the deadline to the ECC Chair and copied to the Secretary and Technology Chair. August 21, 2018 is the deadline to submit completed questionnaires for the 2018 General Voting Period.

Download the 2018 Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire

Voting occurs electronically among eligible ECC members.  The voting period for the 2018 election lasts one week beginning on September 4 and ending on September 10.  Applicants receiving endorsements will be notified at the completion of the voting period.

Learn more about ECC’s 2018 endorsement process here.

View ECC’s full endorsement rules: Environment and Climate Caucus of the Washington State Democratic Party (ECC) 2018 Standing Rules


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