September Call to Meetings and General Election Endorsement Vote

ECC General Election Endorsement Voting Period Week Begins September 4

September 4-11, 2018: Please keep an eye on your email inboxes.  On September 4, ECC members eligible to vote will receive a ballot that includes endorsement requests from 33 Washington State Congressional and Legislative Candidates as well an opportunity to cast an endorsement vote in support of Initiative 1631. Read about our new endorsement process here. Find our primary election endorsed candidates here.

Call to Meetings 

ONLINE – Meeting to Consider Resolutions: Tuesday, September 11; 7:00 – 8:30 pm. This is a current-members-only meeting to consider resolutions to be submitted to the WSDCC meeting in Spokane on September 15/16. We will email links to resolutions on September 10. Register in advance and after registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Register here.

IN PERSON – September 15, in Spokane: We meet in parallel with the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. We’ll consider resolutions and discuss ongoing efforts toward promoting electric vehicles in Washington State; protecting wild fish and the Southern Resident Orcas and removal of the lower Snake River dams; and strategies for success during the 2019 legislative session. Location: The Centennial Hotel, formerly the Hotel RL Spokane at the Park, located at 303 W North River Dr. Spokane WA 99201. Time: 3:50 p.m., member sign-in beginning 3:30.  (Note: WSDCC asks that we also register (it’s free) at this link.)

Join Us!

Please encourage your friends to join the Washington State Democrats – Environment and Climate Caucus to help elect officials who will craft and pass legislation that protects our planet and our future. Start an Environment/Climate Caucus (ECC) in Your Own Local Party Organization!

In this newsletter please find ways to join with other Democrats who care about climate change and the environment to drive the actions we need to build a sustainable future. High priority areas include the transition to job growth and financing in the building of infrastructure associated with electric vehicles and renewable energy sources; fossil fuel divestment; and requiring accurate climate science courses be taught to all students in all schools statewide. Energy conservation in building codes can save energy and consumer costs for heating and cooling.  Cleaning up our use of fossil fuels is essential to survival of our ecosystems which support key industries such as fisheries, tourism to see Orcas and other outdoor recreation and forestry; essential to our way of life in the Northwest.

Upcoming Events

  • Please join the new ECC Electric Vehicle Advocacy Group headed by Arvia Morris and Jeremy Erdman. Meetings occur via an online Zoom meeting on the 4th Mondays of the month from 5:30-7pm. Please email to join.
  • Sunday, November 11th 3-5 pm:  Zoom Activist training on Electric Vehicle bills in the 2019 State Legislature. Details to be announced.
  • September 8th-15th is National Drive Electric week. There are events throughout Washington State and chance to win prizes! Find an event near you and see if EV is for you, invite your friends! View the National Drive Electric Week 2018 – Event List. National Drive Electric Week events feature plug-in electric vehicle owners sharing their experience with others interested in driving electric. #NDEW2018

More Than Ever – Help Us Grow the ECC

Nature takes our breath away, fills our minds with wonder, and floods our hearts with passion. We experience these thoughts and emotions when we witness an Orca breach, stand beside a rumbling waterfall, observe the whimsical plumage of birds, and marvel at the glow of bioluminescence. These astonishing spectacles are a part of a complex system of life that we rely on for sustenance and happiness.

A healthy natural environment is vital to our sovereignty and solvency. We once understood this as a nation and for over 100 years we fought and voted as a bilateral majority to protect it, until recently. In the 70’s and in response to choking pollution, rivers full of burning tires, and drinking water contaminated with chemicals we demanded our elected officials, Democrats and Republicans, to enact powerful environmental protection laws, and the Environmental Protection Agency. We have turned our backs on these protections when we should be fighting tooth and nail to strengthen them. We have allowed protecting natural resources to become a political wedge.

Over the past decade we have become painfully aware of human caused pollution and climate change evidenced by floods, droughts, contaminated water, choking air pollution, starving polar bears, ocean acidification, decimated fisheries and forests, rampant viruses, sea level rise and more. In spite of these calamities Americans have become complacent about caring for the delicate web of life and by-and-large have increased their consumptive and polluting actions while allowing misinformation to overshadow our good judgment.

It is time to prioritize environmental protections with a vengeance by taking strident steps toward climate change reversal. It is time to join hands in support of officials and legislation that will protect the planet Earth.

There is hope and strength in numbers. With more participation and awareness we can change the trajectory.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to register, and to vote, and inform them of the importance of voting for stiff environmental protection laws. Today and tomorrow’s generations depend on it. Let us marvel in and cherish this unique and beautiful planet.

Angie Homola,
Board Member, ECC

Help Grow the ECC.  Join us!

Dramatic Change in Olympia: A Major Opportunity for Climate Change Legislation

Washington State, despite being considered a progressive state, has had a difficult time passing major climate change legislation in the Legislature. Indeed, a number of carbon pricing proposals have failed to gain traction during the last several sessions. One reason for this poor performance has been the narrow Democratic majorities in Olympia – currently a two-seat advantage in the House and a one-seat advantage in the Senate. Thus, although there are Democratic majorities, there are not climate protection majorities. This appears likely to change in November, as the midterm elections portend a significant increase in Legislative seats (in both the House and Senate) for Democrats.

This represents an important opportunity for the Environment and Climate Caucus. Rather than laboring to build support for general causes, it is time to forcefully aggressively push for development and passage of specific climate legislation. To this end, we are interested in hearing about our members’ views on the highest priority climate change measures for the 2019-2020 Legislative Session. Certainly, if I-1631 (the carbon tax initiative) does not pass, a price on carbon will be a top priority.

However, there are a variety of other high priorities including the transition to living wage jobs in the manufacture and infrastructure associated with electric vehicles, banning coal production in favor of renewable energy sources; fossil fuel divestment; and requiring accurate climate science courses be taught to all students in all schools statewide; etc.

Please let us know your climate change priorities for the 2018 Legislative Session. The pending Democratic majorities means that there will be no excuses in Olympia for the 2019-2020 session. It also means that the ECC needs to have its priorities clear prior to the start of the session.

John Stafford,
Treasurer, ECC

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