Our mission is to assure that environmental issues, and in particular climate disruption, is addressed in policies, platform positions, resolutions and endorsements of the Democratic Party of Washington State.

This caucus seeks to take every opportunity to join with community groups and media outlets to increase awareness of environmental issues, including their link to social justice issues that face our world today.

Our Leadership:

  • Steve Verhey (13th), Chair
  • Arvia Morris
    Western Washington Vice Chair
  • Cigdem Capan, Eastern Washington Vice Chair (not pictured)
  • Sharon Abreau, Secretary
  • John Stafford (37th), Treasurer
  • Martin Chaney (5th), Technology Officer
  • Ann Udaloy (46th), Membership Chair
  • Becky Chaney (5th), Rules and Bylaws
  • Justin Baird, Communications
  • Angie Homola, Resolutions
  • Key McMurray, Coastal Washington
  • Amy Madden (43rd), At Large
  • Lael White, At Large
  • Learner Limbach, At Large
  • A. J. Cooper, At Large