Create a Climate Committee in Your Area

You Can Start an Environment/Climate Committee (ECC) in Your Own Local Party Organization!

On this page you will find two documents (suggestions on how to start an ECC, and a resolution template if required)  to help with starting your own legislative district (LD) or county-level environmental caucus.

Why organize an environment and climate committee at your local level? 

Washington State Counties

Washington State Counties

Gathering together local Democrats to talk about climate and environmental issues will help develop the best ideas for your area to communicate to your representatives and members of your LPO.  Your group can facilitate actions which will help defend the environment and prepare for climate change.  For some ideas, see Section 4 from our guidelines about actions to take. For example: prepare candidate questions, follow bills in the legislature, inform Democrats from across the state about what is important in your area.  These and other actions will help move forward with an environmental and climate strategy that works for all of Washington.

Download these resources to get started:

We want you to succeed!  

Please contact us with your questions, and we will provide support to help you with your new group.  Email us at: eccwadem at gmail dot com or message us on Facebook. 

Happy Organizing!